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Privacy Policy

Global Conference Alerts - Terms of Use

Terms and conditions of service

Global Conference Alerts reserves the right not to list events added to our site.

Global Conference Alerts reserves the right to change the criteria we use for listing events as we see fit.

Global Conference Alerts reserves the right to remove an email address from our subscriber database if it bounces repeatedly.

Subscribers wishing to be unsubscribed should furnish us with the email address with which they originally subscribed to Global Conference Alerts. We will make every effort to unsubscribe subscribers, but failure to furnish us with the correct subscriber details may make it difficult for us to unsubscribe someone.

We reserve the right to edit information about events should we deem this necessary.

We reserve the right to edit or remove keywords to enable an event to reach the correct target audience.

We reserve the right to refund payments and cancel orders should we not be able to deliver the paid service for any reason.

Privacy policy

Global Conference Alerts values your privacy and we have taken every precaution to ensure that information about you will be treated as confidential. Below is a detailed overview of the kinds of information we collect, what we do with it and our policy about sharing it with third parties.

Information collected on this site

1.    Information as provided by users upon first registering with the service. This may change from time to time but includes names and email addresses.

2.    Information provided by users when changing their profiles or conference announcements.

3.    Information provided by users when communicating directly with us, whether by e-mail or otherwise.

4.    Tracking information regarding which parts of our site you visit.

What we do with information collected

1.    The primary purpose of collecting information is to appropriately direct conference announcements.

2.    We also use the information for research purposes, regarding typical users' demographics and interests.

3.    Information provided by users when communicating directly with us, whether by e-mail or otherwise.

4.    We reserve the right to not list events at our discretion.

5.    We reserve the right to remove information from Global Conference Alerts website at our discretion.

As a general rule we will not disclose personal profile information to third parties, except:

1.    When we have your permission.

2.    When we believe, in good faith, that the law requires it.

3.    If you were specifically informed that this would happen before providing us with personal information.

Questions? Email us at service@intlconferencealerts.org


Please check all details of conference organizers carefully before making arrangements to attend an event, or paying money to organizers.

Global Conference Alerts checks event details to the best of our ability; but the final responsibility of ensuring that an event is bona fide rests with you as a potential conference goer.

Please also be wary of event websites using the Global Conference Alerts logo to try and gain status and/or credibility for their event. Global Conference Alerts does not have any media partnerships with event organizers and has not given permission to organizers to use the Global Conference Alerts logo.

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